Thursday, February 26, 2009


Can anyone tell me where the last 5 years went? When did this little girl grow up. Was I not paying attention? As if you didn't guess from the title of this post, it is the princess' birthday today. I sit here tearing up as I think about the last 5 years years and what an incredible journey it has been. I still remember labor, delivery and how excited the queen was that she was going to get a little sister(She not quiteso excited now that she has a 5 year old sister). The queen had a t-shirt that aid big sister and the princess had a little sister onesie that matched. I have great photos of them together when the princess was born, but I didn't have digital camera back then so everything was taken with film. The good ole days.

My princess was born screaming. She was mad!! It took quite a long time to calm her down, get her to nurse and go back to sleep. She cried the whole time I was in the delivery room after she was born and pretty much the entire time I was in recovery. She cried through the nurse giving her a bath and she got herself so worked up that she refused to nurse for about an hour. I knew I was in trouble right then and there. And I was right. She never like to be swaddled. She would just wriggle around and cry until her hands came loose. Then she'd hit herself in the face or poke herself in the eye and then she was really mad. Your hands never agree with you in the first few months of life you know.

The princess is very strong willed and ready to battle with you when she feels very strongly about something. She is so incredibly smart that she gets herself in trouble with that brain of hers every now and then. Her imagination is incredible and I love the stories she comes up with. Out of nowhere she'll just come up with a story that she must tell you about immediately. She colors and paints beautifully. I must admit I do sometimes envy her free spirit and her incredible imagination.

I can't imagine her being anything else but who she is even it it drives me crazy some days. Happy birthday to my princess. You are beautiful, funny and you can whatever you want when you grow. As long as your happy, so am I. I LOVE YOU!!!