Thursday, October 30, 2008


After months and months of reading about others lives, their children, their struggles and their joy, I decided that it was high time I get in the game. When I read all these great stories of struggle and triumph or watch funny videos of others children, it makes me realize that I may have something to contribute in the blogging world. My best friend (since 5th grade) Becky has this blog called My Crazy Beautiful Life and I love to read it and nag her when she doesn't post for a while. Through her blog I've been able to read others and not only learn about how other moms deal with the day to day stuff, but I also learn that I'm not the only one in the world who struggles with how to balance all that has to be done in a 24 hour period. It is nice to know that I'm not alone in this very big world.

So a little bit about me and my life. I am a 33 year old Gemini born and raised in Sacramento, California (sounds like a pik-up line). I have been married for 11 years and I have 3 adorable children, 1 dog and 3 fish tanks. I work full-time as a Legislative Coordinator for a state trade association. I love my job! There aren't many days when I dread going to work. I track legislation that comes out of the State Capitol, follow legislative hearings and monitor bills that are amended throughout the legislative year. I really love being involved in the political process and learning how it really works. How a bill becomes a law is many times very different than how it is explained on paper.

I love to read (when I get a chance), I'm a TV drama and reality show junkie. I love Gray's Anatomy, ER, Private Practice, The Biggest Loser, Intervention and pretty much anything on the Food Network. I like to play poker, preferably for money(nickel, dime, quarter - I'm poor) and I fancy myself as a pretty good player. A lot of the entertainment in my life comes from watching my children.

The hubby and I have been together for a total of 14 years. He is my knight in shining armor. He knows how to make me laugh and knows how to comfort me when I'm sad. He works very hard to support our family (2 jobs to be exact). I can't imagine my life without him. We have weathered many of storms and we are still standing, together. He is my friend, my lover, the father of our 3 gorgeous children, but most of all he is my partner in life.

My kids are my life. There are somes days that I am completely overwhelmed by that statement and there are days that I can't imagine how I ever lived without them. They are all so very different and the can compliment each other so well on some days and then clash the next. I guess that's the joy and pain of brothers and sisters. Both my girls played soccer this year. The princess' season ended last weekend and the Queens season ends in mid November. The last 3 months of my life have revolved around soccer. Between the girls, we had practice 3 times a week anD games twice a week. That's 5, yes count them, 5 days out of seven that I have been at practice or at a game. Thank God that the queen has GREAT friends with GREAT parents that help us out by taking and sometimes picking HER up from practice. Otherwise I'm not sure that I could of pulled it off. 2 of the 3 days of practice, the hubby works late so he couldn't participate as much as he wanted to. The ruler is the cutest boy I have ever laid my eyes on. He is definately a Momma's boy and I'm okay with that. He loves to build things just to knock them over. I think he was a fish in another life. He loves the water and is attracted to the tiniest little puddle. I could go on and on about my kids, but I will save some for later.

Thanks for reading!!


Becky :) said...

Yea me I'm the first to comment!!!!
Good starter post. There are still some things that I need to show you so that you can take full advantage of all the blog world as to offer.

But my bestest friend in the whole wide world, I love it!!!! Now I can nag you when you don't update. :-)

Katrina :) said...

Welcome felllow blogger :)

JEN said...

Thanks for the warm welcome. I doubt that I will post as much as you Becky, but I will do my best. :-)

Davisix said...

Hi Jen! And welcome to blogging. Oh, it's addicting...I'll just warn ya now. :) Glad you're here! Ang

jengaba said...


DysFUNctional Mom said...

Welcome to the bloggy world! I LOVE that pic of your son with 2 binkys in his mouth. TOO cute!

TMI said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Your layout is very cute. You will love blogging!!!

Anonymous said...

Redskins Blow!!!!!

JEN said...

How are the Chiefs doing this year?!

Anonymous said...

Ouch..... I got nothing

Queen of Feisty said...

Welcome. I must say your Becky and I have lots in common, to start out we each have our own bestfriends named Jen!

Welcome to this blogosphere we call home. Its a great place to vent, but for me its where I record my memories for my children to read about me.

I hope you enjoy blogging, it's great to see that your not the only one in this insane world, with kids and pets, oh my.

When you get a chance, ask Becky or go for yourself to visit the girls over at the Secret is in the Sauce.

Again welcome!