Friday, October 31, 2008


This is a great time of year. It is the beginning of the holiday season. I LOVE the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. It means family, food and presents. 3 of my most favorite things.

Last night we went to the Princess' preschool for their annual harvest carnival. The kids got to wear their costumes a day early. They had a blast. There was a cakewalk, cookie decorating, ghoul bingo, an obstacle course, fishing and lots of of stuff that I can't remember. It's nice to have the carnival somewhere where the kids are comfortable and I don't have to watch them every second. They can just roam around from classroom to classroom. My hubby showed up right when we got there so he was able to help with everyone. He works late on Thursdays which left dinner and costume up to me. It was a little (a lot) crazy at the house trying to get everyone in costume with accessories, make sure had the diaper bag, a sippie cup, my purse and of course all 3 kids in the car and to the school. Needless to say, I forgot the camera. Yes, the camera. The one thing that allows me to remember how cute they were and much fun they had. So, I have one stinking picture from my phone and it's not that great. OH WELL! Can't remember everything. I'll take lots of pictures tonight.

On another note, I want to talk about my dog for a moment. Becky was telling me to look at my comments today because DysFUNctional Mom had posted a comment and there was a picture of her dachshund in a hot dog costume. He is so cute. I have been arguing with the hubby for years that our dachshund, Flash, would be the cutest dog in costume, but he is adamantly opposed to the idea of dressing Flash up. After seeing DysFUNctional Moms doxie, I guarantee that my dog will be in costume next year. HE is so cute and because as you can see in the picture, he would look like a burnt weenie.

Have a safe, happy and most of all fun Halloween.


Becky :) said...

I love my little Abby Doo in her Costume. I will not forgive you if you forget to get pics tonight. Alright I will forgive you but then I will make them all dress up again tomorrow night when I babysit if you do forget.

Love that little Flash!!!! Who cares what Dave thinks I say we dress him up next year!!! :-)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Oh, you have to see my blog from yesterday! lol

Katrina :) said...

cutie puppy. no costume? my dogs LOVE their costumes. :)