Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend Re-cap

What a soggy weekend it was. Halloween was a crazy day! After my post on Friday morning, my day went kind of haywire. Right after lunch, I got a call from our nanny that I needed to come pick up my son because the nanny's daughter was in the emergency room.

Now before we move forward with the rest of the story, I would like to tell you about our nanny. Nanny sounds so pretentious, but we really haven't found any other appropriate title for him other than manny or mansitter. And yes I said him. He is a great guy that takes great care of our kids. He is a stay at home Dad who wanted to make some extra money so he didn't have to go back to work. It's been a fantastic expierence so far. Before he started in July, I was taking and picking up kids from 2 different child care centers. Not so easy when you have to be to two places by 6:00 and you get off work at 5:00. I was totally stressed out all the time. Even though the hubby does help, he goes to work early 2 days a week and work late 2 days a week. So the bulk of the taking and picking up was on my shoulders. When our nanny approached us we were thrilled! I had another woman approach me before this, but she then changed her mind. Now I have someone who comes in the morning to take the queen to school, the princess to preschool and someone to watch my sweet baby boy. The nanny's daughter is the same age as the ruler so it works out really well. He then picks up the queen and princess from school and they are waiting for me when I get home. All of this is done at a very reasonable rate that is cheaper than what I pay for all three to be at a child care facility. It has allowed the queen to do things like band, drama club and both girls to play soccer There is no way I could do all of that stuff on my own. His daughter is doing fine. She was dehydrated and it was causing cramping in her little tummy. They gave her some IV fluids and she has recovered completely

Ok, back to the point of this story. My crazy Friday. The hubby had to pick up the queen and the princess from school. The emergency room that the nanny was at is very close to my work. I had a deadline on a project so I had to bring the ruler back with me to my office. This is a picture of him in my elevator. What I could have had done in an hour, took me 3 hours. A 2 year old in a office is never a good thing. He wanted to climb up the stairs, visit everyone in their office and generally just snoop around to see what he could get in to. So I finally finish my project and get out of the office an hour later than I had intended to. Then had to stop and get gas (it was $2.39 YAY!), and with traffic it took me an hour to get home. After that it was a quick piece of pizza, making sure everyone was so cute in their costumes and out the door we went. My friend Jennifer and her daughter Violet came trick-or-treating with us like they always do on Halloween. It's become traditon. I think this is the 4th or 5th year in a row that they been with us on Halloween.

The ruler was not that fond of all the scary stuff. He lasted about a half a block and he was ready
to home. It had started to rain so the hubby took him home. We finished the block with the girls. They had a good time. I went home to get the boy ad we were off to party the the prncess' soccer coach invited to. The hubby couldn't go. He has a 2nd job as a bouncer at a local sports bar and he had to be to work earlier than usual due to aparty they were having for Halloween. After that we went to my Da's to show the kids off and then it was home to bed.

The queen's soccer game was at 9:00a.m. on Saturday. Not only was it the morning after Halloween, but it was rainy and soggy and cold. It rained all day. I don't think it let up once. I let the hubby sleep and dragged all 3 kids out in the rain. The ruler wasn't feeling so hot, but the princess loved the puddles. It turns out that we lost the game but only by 1 goal. We were at one point behind by 3, then we tied, but in the end the other team pulled it off.

It turns out the the boy had a 102 degree temperature and that's why he sat on my lap during the whole game. He slept most of the afternoon on Saturday. We took a nice long nap together. I have had a cold since Thursday and it's still holding on. Yesterday he was back to his spunky self. His temperature was still hovering around 100 but you couldn't tell.

Becky came over on Saturday night and watched the kids for a few hours. I had a meeting and the hubby had to go to work early again. Thank God for people who are willing to watch my rugrats.

Yesterday I took the queen, the princess and Violet to see HSM 3 (High School Musical for those of you who didn't know the acronym). The girls had a great time! We then proceeded to Costco and then home. The kids played played outside for a while. Jen came to pick up Violet. We all had dinner together ans then it was time to get ready for the wee ahead. Bath, PJ's, brush teeth and finally bed. I'm getting tired just thinking about my weekend. Sometimes I'm just ahppy to come to work on Monday, just so I can sit still. With soccer coming to an end and winter fast approaching I'm hoping for those weekends where you don't go anywhere. We just stay inside and watch movies, or play games and just enjoy each. Yet another reason why I love this time of year. We get to slow down and enjoy our life.

Have a great week!

P.S. I'll post Halloween pics tomorrow. Forgot to bring the camera with me today. Sorry Becky. You'll have to wait one more day!


Becky :) said...

So I see a picture of The Ruler but non of the Queen or Princess??? What gives???

JEN said...

I am sick and lame!

Katrina :) said...

I want a manny... but I guess it wouldnt look right. 1. i work outta the house and 2. they are 16 and 13 ha ha ha. Oh well... nice try for me. :)