Sunday, November 23, 2008

Live Simply

This is my motto today. It should be my motto everyday, but I tend to complicate life sometimes or maybe all the time. I make myself so busy and put so much on my plate that I can't enjoy the simple things in life. So today I'm enjoying my coffee in my favorite cup that reminds me to slow down. As I'm typing, I'm listening to Christmas music. I love, love, love the holidays. Since they don't make Thanksgiving music, I'm starting my Christmas music collection early. Every year I buy the holiday CD from Starbucks and I love them because it's such a mix of artists. A minute ago I was listening to Norah Jones sing about peace and now I'm listening to Dean Martin sing I'll be Home for Christmas. I have everything from the Kenny Chesney Christmas CD to the Nutcracker which is most favorite Christmas CD ever. I can listen to the music and see the ballerinas dance during each scene in my head. I've probably seen the Nutcracker Ballet at least 15 times and it never gets old for me. I've taken the queen every year since she was 3 except once. I'm hoping we can afford to go this year. I really want to take princess this year. She's never seen it and I think she would love it. We get all dressed up with our fancy dresses, shoes and purses. We take the binoculars because I've never been able to afford the close seats and then afterwards we get to go to a party with the ballerinas and other characters. We take pictures with them and they sign the kids programs. It's so much fun. I feel like a little kid every year when we go.

It's 11:45 PST and I'm still in my pajamas. I love lazy Sundays. I just put the ruler down for his nap. The queen and princess are outside with daddy raking leaves. I'm actually getting a moment to myself and I'm not doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming. I'm enjoying my second cup of coffee and listening my Christmas CD's. Life's good.

I took a couple of pictures this morning of our lazy Sunday. The ruler was just lounging on the couch watching cartoons and the princess was hanging out in the rocking chair. Couldn't pass up a Kodak moment. Their so dang cute. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky in the kid department. I don't know where the queen was when I was taking pictures, but I didn't get one of her. I wish I would of because her hair this morning was hilarious. The right side of her head had a huge bald spot because of they way she slept and it was sticking straight up.
I hope that you are all enjoying your Sunday. Check back tomorrow and I'm going to post about my sister. I don't think I've ever mentioned her in my blog yet, but I will introduce you to her tomorrow. She's home from college for the week so we are going over to my Mom's tonight for family dinner. I'll be doing most of the cooking since my mother isn't much of a cook. My step dad (my sisters dad), passed away last December and he did all of the cooking. He taught me almost everything I know about cooking and so I want to treat my sister to one of our favorites that he used to make for us. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes , a special red gravy, corn and rolls. It is my all time favorite meal that he made and I have perfected the recipe. I'm a little sad as I type this because I miss him terribly and it's hard during the holidays when a loved one isn't with us anymore. I know that he is in heaven and that one day I will see him again, but it doesn't mean that I don't wish he wasn't here making meatloaf for all of us, but he's not, so I'm proud to carry on the meatloaf legacy.


Davisix said...

The holidays can be so bitter-sweet, huh? I'm sorry you're a little sad, it's understandable. Glad you had a nice lazy day though! :) Ang

♥ Becky ♥ said...

WOW a whole Sunday of no cleaning. If you're not careful you will turn into me and we all know that isn't good at all. Did you get to watch your boys win!!!! I sure watched mine spank the Bronco's and YES I did give Val a hard time this morning. :-)

Miss ya here at work but I'm glad you get to spend the week with your family.

Wish I could have been there for dinner it sounded like it was gonna be really good. And I miss his chinese chicken salad so anytime you feel like making that it would be appreciated. :-)

♥ Becky ♥ said...

And by the way, Saturday morning 96.1 and 92.5 both started playing Christmas music 24/7!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! You need to bring all those CD's in so I can burn them onto my computer here at work.