Thursday, November 6, 2008


I started feeling bad last week. I think it started on Thursday. I knew that I was coming down with something, but it was the day before Halloween and besides who has time to be sick. NOT ME! I use the bulk of my sick time at work for my kids. With 3 kids you can imagine how much time I use. So...I powered through Halloween and then the weekend. With soccer and all the other household and mommy duties, I just ignored my cold. By Monday I was feeling pretty bad, but I took my Tylenol Cold and pushed forward. I made it through Tuesday and realized that I wasn't getting any better. I stayed home from work yesterday and slept all day. It's the only time I can get any rest. The queen is very kind and just wants to lay in bed with me and watch TV. Last night she rubbed my feet and kept checking on me to see if there was anything she could do or if I needed her to get something for me. When the princess and the ruler show up it's a little chaotic. They just want to jump on the bed and play which is great every other day, but not when I'm sick. Thank goodness I have a great hubby. He really takes care of me and allows me to rest. He also yells at me when I get out of bed and start doing stuff around the house.

Today I am back at work, but I don't think I'm any better. I can't breathe out of my nose. I can't smell and I can't taste. It's driving me nuts!! I have tried close to everything to clear my nose. Tylenol Sinus, Tylenol Severe Cold, Theraflu, Alka Seltzer Cold Plus, Homeopathic remedies - tea for colds, a hot steamy shower, Emergen-C, vitamins, shower soothers (these cool little round tablets that you put in the shower and it has menthol in it. The vapors are supposed to open your sinus'). So the only things I haven't tried are a humidifier (mine broke the last time one of the kids were sick), Ocean Spray saline nose spray, echinicea and patience. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them. I know that I'm supposed to rest and take it easy, it is truly difficult for me to take a day off. Even though I was off work yesterday, I still helped the hubby with the kids and getting their things ready for today. I'm not the best patient and I don't sit still easily.

I am hopeful that I will be able to breathe tomorrow and that I won't have to use so many tissues. My nose is so raw and the tissue at work SUCKS. One of my co-workers went to Target at lunch and bought me Kleenex with lotion. She is my new best friend for the day.

Becky..this doesn't change your best friend status. Ha Ha


Katrina :) said...

Aw man!! :( I am soooo sorry to hear this. I thought mine was bad with the flu for two days, but I think you win the prize. That is a long time. Get better. Go home and drink lots of OJ. Ugh!! I hate to hear this. I will be sending you healthy well wishes starting now... There you go, there was one. Did you get it?? Ha ha ha!!

Katrina :) said...

BTW - Where is your office space?? :)

Davisix said...

Oh...I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. I can't get over all the folks that I have heard about being sick. It is definitely going around. Hang in there and REST! :) Ang

Becky :) said...

So glad to know that I didn't lose my status over tissue. :-)

I feel for ya sister you know I do. Even though I think I might be getting what you have, but I think that only drives home the fact that we should not use tongue when kissing......kidding kidding, maybe.

I hope you get better soon!!!! Love ya.

Anonymous said...


Your background is CUTE! As is your blog :) I love that pic of the Ruler in the elevator!!! And that was nice of whoever it was who bought you lotiony tissues...I wish I still worked there so I could buy you lotiony tissues too.

Love you and feel better!
<3 your favorite seester